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Bio: I am pursuing M.Tech in specialization Cyber Security from CENTER FOR ADVANCED STUDIES ,AKTU,LUCKNOW. And I have done my degree in Computer Science Engineering 2016 from Seth Sriniwas Agrawal Institude of Engineering & Technology, Kanpur.

Area of interst

  • Cyber Security
  • Malware Analysis(Static Analysis)
  • Security of Cloud Computing based on Trusted ComputingS

Detection of Malware in Advance Android Apps By using the Static Analysis

Abstract: Since the time Android made its entry into the Smartphone arena, it ruffled quite a few players; even the big ones. At present time, Google Android grips a tight 51.6% of the US market share. The open source nature of Android has made it the most popular mobile platform in the world. And many android malware affected to the android devices so we have detect the malware by detection techniques. Static analysis is preferred the any other techniques because it is safe to affection of the system and Portable Executable (PE) used to feature extraction of malware in the malware analysis. Hence in the project I will  detect the malware by malware features by use of PE files advanced android malware in huge of the data.

Year of Internship

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