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I am Shikha & I am pursuing M .Tech Computer science with specialization in Cyber Security from Centre For Advance Studies (DR. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University) Lucknow. I begged my B .Tech in computer science from I.I.M.T Engineering College Meerut (GautamBuddh Technical University Lucknow).

My areas of interest are malware analysis, security monitoring tool, cloud security.

Abstract - Despite the significant improvement of security defense mechanisms and their continuous evolution, malware are still spreading and keeping to succeed in pursuing their malicious goals. These advanced malwares may be encrypted, compressed or other-wise obfuscated to evade traditional detection techniques. Static analysis is preferred on the other techniques because it is safe to infect the productive systems and Portable Executable (PE) can be a comprehensive view in analyzing malware. Hence in this work I will use the information inside the PE files to detect advanced malware in huge volume of data.

Year of Internship

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