Rajesh K. Gupta, UCSD
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Abstract:Emerging cyber-physical systems are distributed systems in constant interaction with their physical environments through sensing and actuation at network edges. Precise knowledge of time is important for many of its operations from networking, localization to embedded control algorithms. Yet, timing uncertainty increases by orders of magnitude through the software, network stack and due to architectural and adversarial operational factors. Project ROSELINE is a collaboration among four universities with the goal to make timing information visible and controllable, reduce timing uncertainty to enable robust and secure time-centric applications. The strategies range from specialized architectural and programming assists to synchronization protocols that reduce communication burden, establish limits on the quality of time and its impact on stability of control algorithms. In this talk, I will provide an overview of the strategies and results from the ongoing collaborative project.

Speaker Bio: Rajesh Gupta research interests span topics in embedded and cyber-physical systems with a focus on timing and energy from algorithms, devices to systems that scale from IC chips, and data centers to built environments such as commercial buildings. He currently leads NSF project MetroInsight with the goal to organize and use city-scale sensing data for improved services. His past contributions include SystemC modeling and SPARK parallelizing high-level synthesis, both of which have been incorporated into industrial practice. Earlier, Gupta led NSF Expeditions on Variability, and DARPA-sponsored efforts under the Data Intensive Systems (DIS) and Circuit Realization at Faster Timescales (CRAFT) programs. Gupta and his students have received a best demonstration paper award at ACM BuildSys'16 , best paper award at IEEE/ACM DCOSS’08 and a best demonstration award at IEEE/ACM IPSN/SPOTS’05.Gupta received a Bachelor of Technology in electrical engineering from IIT Kanpur, India; a Master of Science in EECS from University of California, Berkeley; and a PhD in electrical engineering from Stanford University, US. He currently holds INRIA International Chair at the French international research institute in Rennes, Bretagne Atlantique. Gupta  is a Fellow of the IEEE and the ACM.

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