Log based Dynamic Intrusion Detection of Web Applications
Bhagwani, Harsh
Feature Engineering & Analysis Towards Temporally Robust Detection of Android Malware
Jaiswal, Sagar
Context Aware Honeypot for Cross-Site Scripting attacks using Machine Learning Techniques
Aggarwal, Shubham
Singh, Ajay
Analysis of Ethereum Smart Contracts - A Security Perspective
Gupta, Bishwas C
Elastico as an ordering service in Hyperledger Fabric
Agarwal, Ayushi
Property Registration and Land Record Management via Blockchains
Gunda, Abhishek
Preserving patient's privacy using proxy re-encryption in permissioned blockchain
Meena, Devendra K
Evading API Call Sequence Based Malware Classifiers
Fadadu, Fenil


PeerClear: Peer-to-Peer Botnet Detection
Amit Kumar
Cloud Based IoT Honeypot for MQTT Protocol
Shubham Singh
Linux Malware Detection by Hybrid Analysis
Anmol Kumar Shrivastava
Automatic malware detection using memory forensics
Gaurav Kumar
Early Stage Malware Classification using Behavior Analysis
Mugdha Gupta


Clustering for hybrid malware analysis and multi-path execution
Vineet Purswani
Malware Classification using Image Representation
Ajay Singh
Robust Malware Detection using Integrated Static and Dynamic Analysis
Pranjul Ahuja
An IoT simulator in NS3 and a key-based authentication architecture for IoT devices using blockchain
Saptarshi Gan
Tracing Cyber Threats with Honey-systems
Rohit Sehgal
Honey-System: Design, Implementation & Attack Analysis
Nishit Majithia
Capturing attacks on IoT devices with a multi-purpose IoT honeypot
Krishnaprasad P


Integration of New Proprietary Symmetric Key Encryption Algorithm with MS Outlook Email Client
Jaffer Ali, M A
Symbolic Execution with Function Abstraction
Harshvardhan Sharma