SPACE 2018

Jo Van Bulck, KU Leuven, Belgium , Attendees , SPACE 2018  Organizers , Nasour Bagheri, SRTTU Tehran, Iran with Chester Rebeiro , Nasour Bagheri, SRTTU Tehran, Iran with Attendees in C3I lab ,  Program Chair Anupam Chattopadhyay (NTU Singapore) with Shibashis Ghosh and Rohit Negi , Abhik Roychoudhury, NUS, Singapore , Sokratis,Norwegian University of Science and Technology with other attendees , Sandeep Shukla Addressing the workshop attendees , Ashu Sharma with Chester Rebeiro , Visitors from DRDO and Hitachi along with Vinay Kumar , Visitors along with Soumya Sinha and Shivani , Vanessa Teague, University of Melbourne, Australia in C3I lab , C3I Aglicultural Testbed , Vanessa Teague with C3I team , Aseem Jakhar and Antriksh Shah with Rohit negi,Praveen Soni and Shibashis Ghosh , Seamus Brannigan along with others , Praveen soni and Vinay Kumar giving demo of SCADA testbed , Abhik Roychoudhury with Soumya Sinha and other C3I team members , Shankhadip Mallick with Rohit Negi and Abhik Roychoudhury , Abhik Roychoudhury with C3I team , Security expert from Industry visiting C3I Center , Eran Toch, Tel Aviv University, Israel and Shay Gueron, University of Haifa, Israel with Sandeep Shukla and C3I team , Shivam Bhasin, NTU, Singapore giving talk , Avi Mendelson, Technion, Israel with Rohit Negi,Anu Negi,Soumya Sinha and Shivani , Avi Mendelson, Technion, Israel with Rohit Negi and Amit Negi talking about C3I agricultural testbed , Himanshi Jain awarded the second Best Paper award in Young Researcher's Forum by  Vishal Saraswat , Conference dinner , Sarani Bhattacharya awarded the Best Paper award in Young Researcher's Forum by  Vishal Saraswat , Manaar Alam awarded the third Best Paper award in Young Researcher's Forum by  Vishal Saraswat , Program Co-Chairs Anupam Chattopadhyay , Mridul Nandi along with other attendees , Mridul Nandi, ISI Kolkata , SPACE 2018 Half day Excursion , Bus ride , The tour to Ganga Barrage , At J K Temple , Explaining the significance of this place

CSAW 2018

Inaugration , Prof. Manindra Agarwal , Sandeep Shukla addressing the audience , THE CSAW 2018 Team , C3i Leaders , Welcoming , Registration , Enclave Platform explanation by Prof. Subramanyam , Thanking Prof Pramod Subramanyan , Prof Biswabandhan Panda giving his talk , Crowd listening  , thanking Prof. Panda , Judges , ESC TEam IIT Kanpur , ESC Team Cochin University , ARC , ESC Team IIT Kgp , Lunch , Organiser , ESC Demo , ECS Demo Chochin , IIT CSE Faculties , ESC emo IITK , Light color Change , Nullcon CEO , CEO Aseem Jakhar presented a momento by Sandeep shukla , Certificate Distribution , ESC Winners Cochin , CSAW Organizers , CTF , Sir acknowledging CTF challenge lead PhD Fellow Saurav kumar , CTF Winners , CTF Winners , third spot , CSAW Organizing team with CTF participants , Audience , Students