17/May/2019 - C3i VAPT Team share some information about this vulnerability to the Rockwell Automation.
17/May/2019 - M/s Rockwell Automation acknowledged to C3iAdvisory with PGP key.
22/May/2019 - Rockwell asked us for a POC and some other questions on the vulnerabilities.
11/June/2019 - ICS-CERT asked us for a POC of vulnerability.
13/June/2019 - Sent POC to both ICS-CERT and Rockwell.
20/June/2019 - Receive a acknowledge of POC and told us security team is working on this to confirm
2019-06-27 - Rockwell passes comments of Rockwell security team to C3i about vulnerabilities and asked some queries about this to C3i VAPT team.
2019-07-02 - C3i resolved the queries of Rockwell Automation.
2019-07-02 - ICS-CERT asked to C3iAdvisory about our disclosure policy.
2019-07-03 - C3iAdvisory shared policy of responsible disclosure.