22/Nov/2018 - 1 issue reported
23/Nov/2018 - Schneider releases their advisory
30/Nov/2018 - NVD published date
18/Mar/2019-  M/s. Schneider requested for a list of all vulnerabilities
19/Mar/2019 - C3i Center shared a list of vulnerabilities reported yet
20/Mar/2019 - M/s. Schneider thanks to C3i center and agreed to provide update on all the cases by early next week.
21/Mar/2019 - C3i Center acknowledged their mail and awaiting for their valuable response
05/Apr/2019 - C3i asked an update on this

25/Apr/2019 - C3i asked again an update about this.

26/Apr/2019 - M/s. Schneider planned to edit/update the Security Notification for this vulnerability.

26/Apr/2019 - C3i asked to Schneider to share case number with us.

27/Apr/2019 - M/s. Schneider shared a case number with us.

3/May/2019 - C3i awaiting for the CVE number.

8/May/2019 - M/s. Schneider is planning to update the CVE link by this week.

9/May/2019 - M/s. Schneider shared a link of CVE number.

10/May/2019 - C3i closed this case with CVE number.