Rohit Negi

An adaptable, organized and responsible graduate with 6+ years of experience specializing in industrial automation and operational technologies and cyber security of such systems.

My experience, current work and interests are in the field of cyber security and cyber defense of protection and control   of critical infrastructures. (Such as power, water, oil, gas, transportation, manufacturing et cetera.)

Current Roles & Responsibilities [Selected]

  1. Lead Engineer [ C3i – Critical Infrastructure Security]
  2. Challenge Lead [Embedded Security Challenge, CSAW’18]
  3. Product Lead [C3i-Guardian: An indigenous cyber security product]

Past Roles & Responsibilities [Selected]

  1. Co-coordinator of Workshop on Blockchain and its Applications'18 []
  2. Mentor of 2nd prize winning team in summer of code'18 (
  3. Regional challenge leader [Embedded Security Challenge, CSAW’17]

Participation in Events:

2018 Workshop on Blockchain and its Applications'18

2018 Summer of code’18

2017 Cyber Security Awareness Week

2017 C0C0N Data Privacy, Cyber Security & Hacking Conference

2016 Workshop on Side Channel Analysis

Publications / Reports

Harsh Bhagwani, Rohit Negi, Aneet Kumar Dutta, Anand Handa, Nitesh Kumar and Sandeep Kumar Shukla, "Automated Classification of Web-Application Attacks for Intrusion Detection", accepted at the 9th International Conference on Security, Privacy, and Applied Cryptographic Engineering (SPACE 2019),December, 2019, Gandhinagar, India, 2019

Sekhari, Ashwin, Chatterjee, Rishav, Dwivedi, Ras, Negi, Rohit & Shukla, Sandeep, "Entangled Blockchains in Land Registry Management", In Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Blockchain Technologies and its Applications, pp.8-13,Mumbai, February, 2019 .

Rohit Negi, Sandeep Kumar Shukla, Ashish Gahlot, Parvin Kumar, Shibashis Ghosh, "Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation for Industrial Critical Infrastructures with Cyber Physical Test Bed", IEEE International Conference on Industrial Cyber Physical Systems (ICPS 2019), Taipei, Taiwan, 2019


2018 Land Registration: Mitigating insider attack via Blockchains (

2018 Blockchain Based Backing Up, Patching & Restoration of Critical Infrastructures (

2018 Verifiable Billing in Electric Vehicle charging Infrastructures using Blockchains (

2018 Integrating Blockchain in Aadhar Access Logs (

2017 A SCADA test bed for Cyber Security Education & Research (


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CSAW’18 (

SOC’18 (

CSAW’17 (

COCON’17 (

WOSCA'2016 (

Research Interest
Core work is to finding security vulnerabilities in automated critical infrastructures, finding ways to circumvent the threats that will be associated with such vulnerabilities, and their mitigation techniques.

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