Summer Intern application

Shortlisted candidates please take note of the following details:

Day of reporting : Monday, 13-14 May, 2019

Time of reporting: 11:00 AM

Venue : C3i Center,IIT Kanpur

Demo of Internship projects: 1st - 6th July, 2019

For any query, kindly email us at


Congratulations to the following candidates for being selected for the internship.

S. No. Full Name Institute Status/ Topic
1 Ajai John Chemmanam Cochin University of Science and Technology Confirmed
2 Akash Chaurasia Sant Longowal Institute Of Engineering and Technology Confirmed
3 Akhil P Cochin University of Science and Technology Confirmed
4 Aman Gupta IIT Kanpur Confirmed
5 Arpit Agarwal Indian Institute of Technology Dharwad Confirmed
6 Ashrith Reddy Thukkaraju Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad Confirmed
7 Hema Venkata Sai Bevara National Institute of Technology,Tiruchirappalli Confirmed
8 Md Azmal Institute of Technical Education and Research Confirmed
9 Mohd Shawez University of Lucknow Confirmed
10 Rishith Gandham Vellore Institute Of Technology, Vellore. Confirmed
11 Sandeep Kumar Indian Institute of Information technology Allahabad Confirmed
12 Sasank Chindirala IIT Kanpur Confirmed
13 Saswata Mohapatra Techno India Banipur Confirmed
15 Shivangi Shukla Manipal Institute of Technology ,Manipal Confirmed
16 Shubham Singh IIT Kanpur Confirmed
17 Subhash Sarangi University of Hyderabad Confirmed
19 Vutnoori Vamshi IIT Kanpur Confirmed
20 Yagnahaun Jonnadula University Of Hyderabad Confirmed