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Short introduction to C3I Center's Research

I am an undergraduate Computer Science student from B.M.S. College Of Engineering. My areas of interest include Cyber Security, Network Analysis and Data Science. I also enjoy competitive programming.

PROJECT: Log Analysis System

The main idea behind my project is to provide the administrator overseeing a server a smooth interface to view and analyze the traffic that the server is receiving and to present a concise overview of different details i.e. how many different clients access it, from which locations around the world and other statistics. The tool is capable of identifying a fairly good percentage of malicious attacks like SQL injection and cross-site scripting attempted by the clients and
reports them to the admin in a meaningful fashion.

Bio: I am a third year student from MIT Manipal. My primary interests lie in Cyber Security, within which I mostly associate myself with Network Analysis and Web Penetration Testing. But I am working towards expanding my purview to other sectors like Honeypots, Firewalls etc.

Currently, I am working on a Threat Intelligence System which will help us monitor attackers along with the ability to analyse their modus operandi.

The project has two primary objectives 
· Near real time centralized monitoring of both insider and external cyber-attacks on cyber assets of critical infrastructure.
· Design and Development of a centralized security information and event management application

I am responsible for the conversion of the collected data into a meaningful manner and present it to the layman such that he/she might recognize and be aware of threats oriented in cyber space.

I am a sophomore at R.V. College Of Engineering. My primary interest lies in Artificial Intelligence, and I am currently associated with Machine Learning and Data Science. But I am also working towards expanding my purview to other sectors of AI like Deep learning,  Artificial Neural Networks and its mathematical part comprising Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics. Currently, I am working on Security of Cyber-Physical Systems(CPSs) from both Cyber and Physical attacks by identifying attacks vs non-attacks using Machine Learning Algorithms.

The project has the following objectives:

  • Design and evaluate novel defense mechanism for CPSs
  • Test mathematical models
  • Evaluate the performance of formal models of CPSs